Nuril Basri

Country: Indonesia

Nuril Basri is an Indonesian author known for crafting tragicomedy through the mediums of autofiction and bildungsroman. His works delve into queer themes and shed light on often-overlooked experiences. He has been granted awards from the UNESCO City of Literature in Gothenburg, Sweden, and also from the Literarisches Colloquium Berlin in collaboration with the Robert Bosch Stiftung in Germany. Notable among his creations are Not A Virgin and Le rat d’égout. Nuril’s roots trace back to West Java, where he was born and raised in a devoutly Islamic farming community.

Nuril Basri adalah seorang penulis Indonesia yang dikenal akan kemampuannya meramu tragikomedi melalui medium autofiksi dan bildungsroman. Karya-karyanya menyelami tema-tema queer dan menguak pengalaman-pengalaman yang kerapkali diabaikan. Ia telah menerima penghargaan dari UNESCO City of Gothensburg, Sweden, dan juga dari Literarisches Colloquium Berlin bekerja sama dengan Robert Bosch Stiftung di Jerman. Dikenal atas karya-karyanya Not A Virgin dan Le rat d’égout. Asal-muasal Nuril dapat dilacak ke Jawa Barat, tempat ia lahir dan dibesarkan di komunitas petani Muslim yang taat.

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