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Dr. Nasir Tamara

Country: Indonesia

Dr. Nasir Tamara is a consultant on Indonesian politics and economic and human development. He is also a nonfiction writer and translator and has published many books, including US Influence on the Indonesian Elite, Human Rights in Indonesia, Corruption in Indonesia, and Indonesia in the Wake of Islam. He founded Dalem Natan Royal Heritage Cultural Center in Yogyakarta and is the President of the PEN Indonesia Foundation. His views on Indonesia have been covered by major international media outlets such as Bloomberg Television, Time magazine, New York Times, The New Yorker, and International Herald Tribune.

Dr Nasir Tamara adalah konsultan politik dan ekonomi Indonesia serta pembangunan manusia. Ia juga seorang penulis dan penerjemah nonfiksi. Ia telah menerbitkan banyak buku, termasuk Pengaruh AS terhadap Elit Indonesia, Hak Asasi Manusia di Indonesia, Korupsi di Indonesia dan Indonesia dalam Kebangkitan Islam. Ia mendirikan Dalem Natan Royal Heritage Cultural Center di Yogyakarta dan merupakan Presiden dari Yayasan PEN Indonesia. Pandangannya tentang Indonesia telah diliput oleh berbagai media internasional besar seperti Bloomberg Television, majalah Time, New York Times, The New Yorker dan International Herald Tribune.

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