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Miles Merrill

Country: Australia

Miles Merrill is the founder of Australian Poetry Slam, an international performing writers’ program, which sees thousands of writers performing in events across the Asia-Pacific every year. Miles is also the author of Slam Your Poetry-How to Write a Revolution. Although Merrill publishes his poetry in print, audio, and video, he is best experienced live. As Creative Director of the literary organization Word Travels, Miles focuses on empowering people from diverse communities to share their stories with the world.

Miles Merrill adalah pendiri Australian Poetry Slam, sebuah program penulis pertunjukan internasional, yang menampilkan ribuan penulis tampil di berbagai acara di Asia-Pasifik setiap tahun. Miles juga penulis Slam Your Poetry-How to Write a Revolution. Meskipun Merrill menerbitkan puisinya dalam bentuk cetak, audio, dan video, ia sangat menarik saat melihat langsung. Sebagai direktur kreatif organisasi sastra Word Travels, Miles berfokus pada pemberdayaan orang-orang dari berbagai komunitas untuk berbagi cerita mereka dengan dunia.

Appearing in

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Main Program | Combatting Racism through Creative Practice

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Ukrainian poets, Oksana Maksymchuk and Max Rosochinsky join a powerful evening of spoken word, storytelling and wisdom in a prayer for peace, together with Miles Merrills, Venilla Rajaguru and Papuan …