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Lydia Khalil

Country: Australia

Lydia Khalil is a researcher with the Lowy Institute and a research associate with Deakin University. After the September 11 attacks, she started working in the fields of national security and counterterrorism. She is a respected authority on extremism and terrorism. Lydia is a regular conference speaker and media commentator who has written extensively in both scholarly and popular outlets about her areas of expertise. She also participates in the Global Research Network of the United Nations Security Council and the US-based Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) Working Group (GRN). Lydia serves on the Victoria government’s Expert Advisory Committee on Countering Violent Extremism, among other government advisory appointments. At the Lowy Institute, Lydia is a member of the editorial board for the academic journal Studies in Conflict & Terrorism.

Lydia Khalil adalah peneliti di Lowy Institute dan rekan peneliti di Universitas Deakin. Setelah serangan 11 September, ia mulai bekerja di bidang keamanan nasional dan kontraterorisme. Ia adalah otoritas yang dihormati tentang ekstremisme dan terorisme. Lydia adalah pembicara konferensi reguler dan komentator media yang telah menulis secara ekstensif di outlet ilmiah dan populer tentang bidang keahliannya. Ia juga berpartisipasi dalam Global Research Network (GRN) of the United Nations Security Council dan US-based Countering Violent Extremism (CVE). Lydia mengabdi di pemerintah Victoria sebagai Komite Penasihat Ahli untuk Melawan Ekstremisme Kekerasan. Di Lowy Institute, Lydia adalah anggota dewan editorial untuk jurnal akademik Studies in Conflict & Terrorism.

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