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Liswindio Apendicaesar

Country: Indonesia

Indonesian author and translator, Liswindio Apendicaesar, has been featured in national media and several international literary journals, such as Tempo, Oyez Review, Voice and Verse Poetry Hong Kong, and Paper Lanterns. He has published a short stories collection, Malam untuk Ashkii Dighin. He is a member of Pawon Literary Community and the editorial board of Pawon Literary Bulletin.

Penulis dan penerjemah Indonesia, Liswindio Apendicaesar, telah tampil di media nasional dan beberapa jurnal sastra internasional, seperti Tempo, Oyez Review, Voice and Verse Poetry Hong Kong, dan Paper Lanterns. Ia telah menerbitkan kumpulan cerpen, Malam untuk Ashkii Dighin. Ia adalah anggota Komunitas Sastra Pawon dan dewan redaksi Buletin Sastra Pawon.

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