Illya Sumanto

Country: Malaysia

Illya Sumanto is a Malaysian educator, theater producer, and shadow play creator who has staged performances across Southeast Asia, China, Germany, and Senegal. Currently based in Thailand, her activism in championing Wayang Kulit has attracted numerous schools worldwide to learn about the history and art of Southeast Asian shadow puppetry. Illya is also the Founder of Empathy For Youth Academy, a virtual school that aims to support young people through emotional literacy and empathic communication.

Illya Sumanto adalah seorang pendidik, produser teater, dan pencipta pentas wayang yang telah menampilkan berbagai pertunjukan di seluruh Asia Tenggara, Cina, Jerman, dan Senegal. Kini menetap di Thailand, aktivismenya dalam mempopulerkan Wayang Kulit telah menarik minat banyak sekali sekolah-sekolah di seluruh dunia untuk mempelajari sejarah dan seni wayang di Asia Tengara. Illya adalah pendiri Empathy For Youth Academy, sebuah sekolah virtual yang bertujuan mendukung anak-anak muda melalui kesadaran emosional dan komunikasi empatik.

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