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Ika Vantiani

Country: Indonesia

Ika Vantiani is an artist, curator, and craftswoman based in Jakarta. She studied D3 Advertising at The The London Institute Of Communications in Jakarta. In her work, Ika explores what it means to be a woman today, and how this is intertwined with media and consumption. By using the collage technique in her work, Ika applies her skills to workshops, installation works, and street art.

Ika Vantiani adalah seorang seniman, kurator dan pengrajin yang tinggal di Jakarta. Pendidikan terakhirnya adalah D3 Periklanan dari The London Institute of Communications di Jakarta. Di dalam karya-karyanya Ika bereksplorasi dengan ide menjadi seorang perempuan hari ini yang berkelindan dengan media dan konsumsi. Dengan menggunakan tehnik kolase dalam kekaryaannya, Ika mengaplikasikannya pada lokakarya, karya instalasi dan seni jalanan.

Appearing in

Main Program | Representing Women in Cinema and Popular Culture

In the last few decades, representations of complex women’s issues in popular culture and media have been on the rise. How do female directors negotiate the demands of mainstream audiences …

Workshop | Collage: A Word for Woman 

The definition of ‘woman’ in the Indonesian dictionary has recently been reviewed due to its derogatory meaning that simply describes a reproductive person. While this is a strong starting point, …

Art Exhibition | Kata Untuk Perempuan

The Words for Women project was initiated by a collage workshop conducted by Ika Vantiani in October 2015. There she asked participants a question, “What is one single word that …