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Iin Farliani

Country: Indonesia

Iin Farliani was born in Lombok. Since 2013, she has been active in the Mataram Akartree Community, a literary and publishing community. Her works, including short stories, poems, and essays, have been distributed in various print and online media. She has published a collection of short stories Taman Itu Menghadap ke Laut (2019), and her first book of poetry Usap Matamu dan Ciumlah Dingin Pagi (2022), is forthcoming this year. 

Iin Farliani lahir di Lombok. Sejak tahun 2013, ia aktif berkegiatan di Komunitas Akarpohon Mataram, sebuah komunitas sastra dan penerbitan buku. Karya-karyanya berupa cerita pendek, puisi, dan esai telah tersebar di berbagai media cetak maupun online. Buku kumpulan cerita pendeknya berjudul Taman Itu Menghadap ke Laut (2019) dan segera terbit buku puisi pertamanya Usap Matamu dan Ciumlah Dingin Pagi (2022).

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