Haidar Bagir

Country: Indonesia

Haidar Bagir is an Indonesian entrepreneur, philanthropist, author, and lecturer. He is currently the Regional Coordinator of the International Society for Islamic Philosophy for Indonesia, Australia, and New Zealand. He is also a member of the Global Compassionate Council, advisers to the London-based Islamic Human Rights Commission. He was one of the winners of 2018 Global Business & Peace Awards held in Seoul.

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Heydar Bagir adalah seorang pengusaha asal Indonesia, filantropis, penulis, dan pengajar. Saat ini ia menjadi koordinator regional Filsafat Islam untuk Indonesia, Australia dan Selandia Baru. Dia juga anggota Global Compassionate Counci dan dewan penasehat Komisi Hak Asasi Manusia Islam yang berbasis di London. Dia adalah salah satu pemenang 2018 Global Business & Peace Awards yang diadakan di Seoul.

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