Fabia Claridge

Country: Australia

Fabia Claridge is an Australian novelist who has lived across Asia and currently resides in Sydney. Her writing is inspired by her time living in Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Thailand. Her debut novel, To Hold the Mountain, was published in 2004 and launched at the Ubud Writers & Readers Festival. When not writing, Fabia is an avid refugee activist.

Fabia Claridge adalah seorang novelis Australia yang sudah pernah tinggal di berbagai bagian Asia dan kini tinggal di Sydney. Tulisannya terinspirasi oleh pengalamannya tinggal di Bangladesh, Indonesia dan Thailand. Novel perdananya, To Hold the Mountain, diluncurkan pada 2004 di Ubud Writers & Readers Festival. Di saat ia tidak sedang menulis, Fabia adalah seorang pegiat hak-hak pengungsi yang bersemangat.

Appearing in

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