Dan Disney

Country: Australia

Dan Disney is an Australian lecturer and writer. His full-length collections are And Then When The from 2011 and Either, Orpheus from 2011, and Report From A Border from 2016. He edited Beyond Babel from 2014, Writing To The Wire from 2016, and New Directions In Contemporary Australian Poetry from 2021. His recent collection Accelerations & Inertias from 2021 was shortlisted for the QLD Premier’s Prize and won the NSW Premier’s Prize. He won the 2023 Peter Porter Prize. Disney reviews with World Literature Today and teaches at Sogang University in Seoul.

Dan Disney adalah seorang dosen dan penulis Australia. Kumpulan karya lengkapnya mencakup And Then When The dari 2011 dan Either, Orpheus dari 2011, dan Report From A Border dari 2016. Ia mengedit Beyond Babel dari 2014, Writing To The Wire dari 2016, dan New Directions In Contemporary Australian Poetry dari 2021. Kumpulan karya terbarunya Accelerations & Inertias dari 2021 masuk daftar pendek untuk QLD Premier’s Prize dan memenangkan NSW Premier’s Prize. Ia memenangkan Pete Porter Prize 2023. Disney mengulas karya untuk World Literature Today dan mengajar di Sogang University di Seoul.

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