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Brigid Delaney

Country: Australia

Brigid Delaney is a popular weekly columnist for Guardian Australia, where she writes about topics including philosophy, politics and travel. She is also the author of four books; This Restless Life, Wild Things, Wellmania and Reasons Not to Worry. Alongside Benjamin Law, she is the co-creator, associate producer and writer of upcoming Netflix comedy series Wellmania, which will star global internet sensation Celeste Barber.

Brigid Delaney adalah kolumnis mingguan untuk Guardian Australia yang populer, di mana ia menulis tentang topik-topik termasuk filsafat, politik, dan perjalanan. Ia juga penulis empat buku, This Restless Life, Wild Things, Wellmania dan Reasons Not to Worry. Bersama Benjamin Law, ia adalah co-creator, associate producer dan penulis serial komedi Netflix yang akan tayang Wellmania, dibintangi Celeste Barber.

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