Agustinus Wibowo

Country: Indonesia

Indonesian travel writer Agustinus Wibowo has always had a strong interest in the question of identity. As a descendant of Chinese immigrants, it is a question which has fundamentally shaped his perspective on the world and has taken him to many different corners of the earth. Currently, he is exploring identity issues in the Malay Archipelago.

Penulis perjalanan Indonesia Agustinus Wibowo selalu memiliki minat yang kuat pada pertanyaan mengenai identitas. Sebagai keturunan imigran Cina, hal tersebut merupakan pertanyaan yang secara fundamental telah membentuk prespektifnya tentang dunia dan membawanya ke berbagai penjuru bumi. Kini, ia tengah mendalami perihal identitas di Kepulauan Melayu.


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