Stories from the archipelago | Literature That Makes You Smart by Dimas Indiana Senja

Posted: 02 May 2017

Literature That Makes You Smart by Dimas Indiana Senja

In this short and compelling essay, Dimas Indiana Senja introduces us to Eko Prazt Tyo, who established a place of learning called ‘Campus of the Streets’.

“Campus of the Streets was designed as a place where street kids could go to school, albeit a school with basic facilities. And to this day Campus of the Streets continues to organize learning and teaching programs for street kids. The education they receive is anti-mainstream; it’s humanizing, and above all, it’s liberating.”

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the Author

Dimas Indiana Senja is the pseudonym of Dimas Indianto S. He was born in Brebes on December 20, 1990. Dimas writes poems, short stories, essays, articles, and journals, as well as nurturing the literary community Komunitas Pondok Pena Purwokerto.


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