Stories from the archipelago | Erstwhile: A Communion of Time by Joseph Rio Jovian Haminoto

Posted: 21 March 2017

Erstwhile: A Communion of Time  by Joseph rio jovian haminoto

A ‘time travel’ historical novel fusing fact and fiction, mostly set in the Kingdom of Majapahit which ruled the archipelago and beyond in the 14th century. A present-day Indonesian, Rafa, meets a group in Europe in possession of papyrus scrolls in medieval French. The scrolls lead Rafa on a journey through time.

I really wanted to be like Gaja Mada who loved only Majapahit. He didn’t have a woman, so he could devote his thoughts to one sole thing – the glory of Majapahit. Maybe for a man like me who is so captivated by love, life would be simpler if there were no women. At that time I was conscious of one thing. What was my real reason for being in Majapahit? Was it an escape? Or was it just so I could enchant Solene with all the stories I would tell her one day?

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the Author

Joseph was born in Jakarta in 1973. He holds a Master of Science from Oxford University and has published a number of books including Don Joviano, Kionelle: The Avenue to Northern Ireland, and Catatan Si Boy.


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