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Stories from the archipelago | Death Duel by Arung Wardana Ellhafifie

Posted: 07 March 2017

Death Duel by Arung Wardana Ellhafifie

In the dusk-golden rice fields and dark forests of Sumenep, the eastern regency of Madura off East Java’s northern coast, through ancient martial arts and sacred dances, a brutal feud triggered by a jealous murder rages on for a decade.

Towards sunset, a rice field in Sumenep 1971. 32-year-old Mattinglan is dragging 27-year-old Toryah, trying to pull her into his embrace. Toryah is trying as hard as she can to free herself. 10-year-old Syafi’i, Toryah’s son, tries to help her free herself from Mattinglan’s grasp.

32-year-old Mursidi, Toryah’s husband, appears shouting at Mattinglan, calling him pate celleng molos (you slick black dog), until a carok (death) ensues, one on one, each armed with clurit, small sickle-shaped knives.

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the Author

Arung Wardhana Ellhafifie was born in Bangkalan in 1981. Over the course of his career, Arung has authored many plays and monologues. Under the pseudonym Hoirul Hafifi he also works as a director and screen writer.


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