Main Program | Voices of Our Young Generation

27 Oct 2022 12:45 - 13:45
/ 4-Day or 1-Day Main Program Pass
Rumah Buku. Taman Baca @Festival Hub (Google Maps)

Two voices from the younger generation, Laksmi DeNeefe Suardana and Andovi Da Lopez, will invite us to empathize with literacy issues and social problems around us. Both of them are intensely advocating in their own way: Laksmi as a literacy ambassador through the Puteri Indonesia forum and Andovi increases social awareness through his creative content on social media. What motivates them to do advocacy and how do they make their dreams come true?

Dua generasi muda, Laksmi DeNeefe Suardana dan Andovi Da Lopez, akan mengajak kita berempati persoalan literasi dan masalah sosial di sekitar kita. Keduanya secara intens melakukan advokasi dengan caranya tersendiri: Laksmi sebagai duta literasi lewat wadah Puteri Indonesia dan Andovi meningkatkan kepedulian sosial lewat konten kreatifnya di media sosial. Apa yang membuat mereka tergerak melakukan advokasi dan bagaimana mereka mewujudkan mimpinya?


Laksmi DeNeefe Suardana

Raised in Ubud, Bali, Laksmi DeNeefe Suardana is Puteri Indonesia 2022 (Miss Universe Indonesia 2022 ). In Florence, she completed her Bachelor’s studies in the Business of Fashion, and in …

Andovi Da Lopez

Andovi Da Lopez is a content creator and actor from Indonesia. First known with his brother through the SkinnyIndonesian24 channel on YouTube, Andovi is also involved in the Indonesian film …

Vanesa Martida

Vanesa is an art activist who is active in several arts activities in Bali, such as Titimangsa and the Bentara Budaya Bali Art Program. Now she is pursuing a Master’s …

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