Special Event | A Night in the Amazon: Tales of Magic and Wisdom

19 Oct 2023 18:00 - 20:30
IDR 390,000 | AUD 39
Indus Restaurant. Jl Raya Sanggingan Ubud (Google Maps)

Enter the extraordinary world of the Amazon with an evening filled with magical stories and insights. Wade Davis, Helena Gualinga and Carlos Castaño, will tell their tale about the Amazon’s intricate web, its cultural heritage, indigenous peoples, and the wisdom that lies within its depths. Prepare to be inspired by their passion for this unique ecosystem and the importance of its preservation as they transport you into the fertile heart of the Amazon. Feast on cocktails, mocktails and plant based canapes while being captivated by these incredible tales of the Amazon, moderated by Velia Vidal.

Masukilah dunia Amazon yang luar biasa dalam sebuah malam yang penuh akan kisah-kisah dan wawasan-wawasan ajaib. Wade Davis, Helena Gualinga dan Carlos Castaño, akan mengisahkan pengalaman mereka tentang jejaring kehidupan Amazon yang pelik, warisan budayanya, masyarakat adatnya, dan kebijaksanaan yang berdiam dalamnya. Bersiaplah terinspirasi oleh kecintaan mereka terhadap ekosistem khas ini dan betapa penting pelestariannya. Bersantaplah dengan koktail, mocktail, dan canape berbasis tanaman sambil terkagum-kagum akan cerita-cerita luar biasa dari Amazon, dipandu Velia Vidal.


Velia Vidal

Velia Vadal is a Colombian writer who loves the sea and shared readings. Her first book, Aguas de Estuario (Estuary Waters), is a work of fiction about a woman moving …

Helena Gualinga

Helena Gualinga is an Ecuadorian Indigenous advocate for climate justice and human rights, dedicated to championing the protection of the Amazon Rainforest and the rights of Indigenous people. Hailing from …

Wade Davis

Wade Davis is a renowned Professor of Anthropology and the BC Leadership Chair in Cultures and Ecosystems at Risk at the University of British Columbia. With an impressive collection of …

Carlos Castaño-Uribe

Carlos Castaño-Uribe is an environmentalist, archaeologist, anthropologist and explorer known for his “discovery” of the World Heritage Site Chiribiquete National Park. For the past 40 years, Carlos has worked in …