Poetry & Performance | Women’s Poetry Slam

26 Oct 2022 18:00 - 21:00
BetelNut. Jl. Raya Ubud (Google Maps)

In collaboration with ArtsForWomen, the iconic women’s poetry slam will take residence this year at Betelnut. Delicate and daring, these poetry slams will make you laugh, cry and inspire you to pen your very own poem.

Bekerja sama dengan ArtsForWomen, lomba puisi wanita ikonik akan berlangsung tahun ini di Betelnut. Lembut dan berani, puisi slam ini akan membuat Anda tertawa, menangis, dan kemudian menginspirasi Anda untuk menulis puisi Anda sendiri.

Host Faye Olayo
Guest Music Gabriela Fernandez & Geertruedy
Guest Poet Iin Farliani


  1. Sign up at BetelNut on the same day from 5.30
  2. There will be 26 slots open
  3. You must write your own name
  4. Must read your own poetry
  5. Poetry in English/Bahasa Indonesia is preferred, we don’t limit other languages for freedom of creation purposes
  6. Duration 3 minutes Max per poet
  7. No instruments/property (paper to read is allowed)
  8. No racism/ xenophobia/ homophobia/ other discrimination content


Geertruedy Sabatini Kini

Geertruedy Sabatini Kini is a Pianist Singer Songwriter, Bali Based. Often talks about freedom of expression, passions, and women empowerment in most original songs and has performed regularly in hotels, …

Gabriela Fernandez

Gabriela Fernandez is a singer-songwriter and artist from East Nusa Tenggara. Music and her works are a medium for dealing with oneself while advocating for mental health. She founded akarupa.id …

Iin Farliani

Iin Farliani was born in Lombok. Since 2013, she has been active in the Mataram Akartree Community, a literary and publishing community. Her works, including short stories, poems, and essays, …

Faye Olayo

Faye Olayo is a community worker, writer, and storyteller, and is a member of the writers’ collectives Ubbog Cordilerra Writers and The Baguio Writers Group. Faye is also the Co-creator …

Olin Monteiro

Olin Monteiro is a feminist activist, writer, documentary producer, and women’s rights consultant. Olin has been an activist for more than two decades, and has created more than 10 documentaries …

Bejan Matur

Bejan Matur was born in the ancient Hittite city of Maraş. She is a pioneering figure in contemporary poetry, with her work translated into 41 different languages. Her music-accompanied poetry …

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