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Music | Friday Night

28 Oct 2022 20:30 - 23:00
Music Stage. Taman Baca @Festival Hub (Google Maps)

While music has become a space for experimentation, at the same time, it has played an important role in social movements. Three musicians will take the stage in this event: Reda, who revives Sapardi Djoko Darmon’s poems through serene music; Hara, who is Rara Sekar’s experimental medium bringing ecological and agrarian issues to light; and Robi, the vocalist, and songwriter of Navicula who will perform music informed by social movements. These three musicians will rock the UWRF this year!

Musik menjadi ruang bereksperimen sekaligus memainkan peranan penting dalam gerakan sosial. Reda menghidupkan kembali puisi-puisi Sapardi Djoko Damono melalui alunan musik yang syahdu. Hara adalah medium eksperimen Rara Sekar dalam membawa isu ekologi dan agraria. Tak ketinggalan Robi, vokali dan penulis lagu Navicula, yang akan menampilkan musik yang sarat akan gerakan sosial dan juga ungkapan kasih sayang pada buah hati. Tiga musisi ini akan menguncang UWRF tahun ini!


Rara Sekar

Rara Sekar is an independent musician, researcher, and educational activist with a Masters in Cultural Anthropology from Victoria University of Wellington. As a musician, Rara has been involved in the …

Reda Gaudiamo

Reda Gaudiamo has long loved writing and music. From writing activities, he works as a journalist, and creative work in an advertising agency, writes books, as well as travels the …

Robi Navicula

Gede Robi Supriyanto is a musician, activist, writer and farmer who lives in Ubud. Founder Navicula Band, who won several awards national and international, that they are consolidating activism and …

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