Music & Arts | Made Taro & Gede Tarmada: Afternoon Storytelling (Mendongeng Sore)

08 Nov 2020 17:00 - 17:30

Join legendary Balinese storyteller and folklorist Made Taro along with his son Gede Tarmada for an afternoon of classic Balinese fairytales. Not only for children, these stories will enchant anyone interested in Balinese culture.

Bergabunglah dengan pendongeng Bali dan pelestari cerita rakyat Made Taro bersama dengan putranya Gede Tarmada untuk mendengar dongeng klasik Bali pada suatu sore. Tidak hanya untuk anak-anak, kisah-kisah ini akan membuat siapa saja terpesona dengan budaya Bali.

This event is recorded at The Blanco Renaissance Museum.

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Gede Tarmada

Gede Tarmada is a storyteller and a children’s book illustrator for Made Taro’s book project. He has participated in international storytelling festivals both at home and abroad. He is following …

Made Taro

Born in Sengkidu, East Bali, Made Taro was educated as an archeologist, but found his calling in writing poetry and folklore for children. He has written 15 books on traditional …

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