Main Program | Voices of Young Imagination: Authors and Artists in Conversation

22 Oct 2023 10:15 - 11:15
/ 4-Day or 1-Day Main Program Pass
Valley Stage @Taman Baca. Jl Raya Sanggingan Ubud (Google Maps)

Embarking on a profound exploration of childhood and delving into modern creations that engage the minds of children and teenagers, these authors and artists sincerely appreciate their young audience. As you embark on a journey of adventure, curiosity, empathy, and imagination, embrace your inner child alongside authors Innosanto Nagara, Claudia Bellante, Molly Oldfield, and Anita Heiss. The discussion will be moderated by Julia Winterflood.

Menapaki penjelajahan mendalam soal masa kanak-kanak sekaligus menyelami ciptaan modern yang menggugah pikiran anak-anak dan para remaja, para penulis dan seniman ini dengan tulus menghargai para audiens muda mereka. Rangkullah anak kecil dalam diri Anda sambil menapaki perjalanan petualangan, rasa ingin tahu, empati, dan daya khayal bersama para penulis Innosanto Nagara, Claudiia Bellante, Molly Oldfield, dan Anita Heiss. Diskusi ini akan dipandu Jullia Winterflood.


Molly Oldfield

Molly Oldfield is a British author and broadcaster, as well as the host of Everything Under the Sun, a weekly podcast that addresses questions from children around the globe. The …

Innosanto Nagara

Innosanto Nagara is an Indonesian author and illustrator known for several children’s books with social justice themes, notably the bestseller A is for Activist. His works, such as My Night …

Julia Winterflood

Julia Winterflood is a journalist, editor and translator who has called Indonesia home since 2014. After three years with the Ubud Writers & Readers Festival team, she turned to freelancing …

Claudia Bellante

Claudia Bellante, a versatile freelance photo and print journalist based in Spain, has a remarkable portfolio of reporting from diverse regions such as Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, and Brazil. Her stories …

Anita Heiss

Professor Anita Heiss, a highly acclaimed Australian author, boasts a diverse repertoire that encompasses non-fiction, historical fiction, commercial fiction, and children’s novels. Her adult fiction repertoire includes works such as …