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Main Program | Writing as Catharsis

29 Oct 2022 09:00 - 10:00
/ 4-Day or 1-Day Main Program Pass
Rumah Buku. Taman Baca @Festival Hub (Google Maps)

In the face of trauma, writing can be deeply cathartic and help us make sense of our lives, our relationships, and ourselves. In his new memoir, Patting the Shark, Tim Baker writes of his perilous journey back from a stage 4 prostate cancer diagnosis, Ravi Shankar talks about his confinement in a high-security jail in Correctional, and Laura Jean McKay discusses her illness that inspired The Animals in That Country. Our authors share how they developed their writing process to conquer their deepest fears. In searching for the meaning of life and staring at our own mortality, what do we hope for? In confronting our own morality, can we find the ultimate peace?

Dalam menghadapi kematian atau trauma, menulis sangat bersifat katarsis dan membantu kita memahami hidup kita, hubungan kita, dan diri kita sendiri. Dalam novelnya, Patting the Shark, Tim Baker menulis tentang perjalanan berbahayanya dari kanker prostat stadium 4 dan terapi yang ia jalani untuk bertahan hidup. Ravi Shankar berbicara tentang waktunya di penjara dengan keamanan , dan Laura Jean Mackay membahas penyakitnya yang menginspirasi The Animals in That Country. Mereka akan bercerita bagaimana mereka mengembangkan proses penulisan untuk menaklukkan ketakutan terdalam. Dalam mencari makna hidup, apa yang sesungguhnya kita inginkan? Dalam menghadapi kematian, apakah kita menemukan kedamaian tertinggi?


Laura Jean McKay

Laura Jean McKay is the author of The Animals in That Country (Scribe 2020), winner of The Arthur C. Clarke Award, The Victorian Prize for Literature, an Australian Book Industry …

Dr. Ravi Shankar

Dr. Ravi Shankar, a Pushcart prize-winning translator, professor, and author, has published 15 books, including W.W. Norton’s Language for a New Century, the Muse India Award winner Autobiography of a …

Kirsti Melville

Kirsti Melville is a Walkley award-winning presenter and documentary producer at ABC RN based in Perth who, these days, spends a lot of time in remote Western Australia recording people’s …

Tim Baker

Tim Baker is an award-winning author and journalist specializing in surfing history and culture. Tim is the best-selling author of The Rip Curl Story, Occy, High Surf, Bustin’ Down The …

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