Main Program | Women in History

28 Oct 2022 11:30 - 12:30
/ 4-Day or 1-Day Main Program Pass
Rumah Buku. Taman Baca @Festival Hub (Google Maps)

In conflicts and humanitarian events around the world, what are the experiences of women? Magdalena Sitorus’s research explores the perspectives of women survivors of Indonesia’s 1965 mass killings, as does Faiza Mardzoeki’s play Nyanyi Suni Kembang-Kembang Genjer (The Silent Song of The Genjer Flowers).

Dalam konflik dan peristiwa kemanusiaan di seluruh dunia, apa yang terjadi dengan para perempuan? Penelitian Magdalena Sitorus mengeksplorasi perspektif perempuan penyintas di Indonesia pada tahun 1965, seperti halnya drama Faiza Mardzoeki yang berjudul Nyanyi Suni Kembang-Kembang Genjer.


Elena Williams

Elena Williams is an international education and development practitioner with over ten years of experience in Indonesia. She is currently undertaking doctoral studies examining the impact of study abroad programs …

Faiza Mardzoeki

Faiza Mardzoeki, is a playwright, theatre producer, director, and activist based in Yogyakarta. As a feminist and cultural activist, she actively promotes gender equality issues, women’s liberation, human rights, and …

Magdalena Sitorus

Magdalena Sitorus is a writer whose body of work is primarily made up of diary writing. Since her husband passed away almost 12 years ago, she has written letters to …

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