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Main Program | What are the Roots of Radicalism

28 Oct 2022 16:30 - 17:30
/ 4-Day or 1-Day Main Program Pass
Indus Restaurant. Festival Hub @Taman Baca (Google Maps)

Radicalism and extremism continue to create considerable concern and conflict around the world. An expanding field of study is looking at the roots and influences on what motivates these groups rather than just the shocking outcomes. What personal and social relationships and social-cultural situations have led to people feeling like outsiders? What political and governmental decisions have fuelled these circumstances? We will hear from three experts in the field, Nasir Tamara, Carla Power, and Kylie Moore-Gilbert, to gain a deeper insight into this complex issue.

Radikalisme dan ekstremisme terus menimbulkan kekhawatiran dan konflik yang cukup besar di seluruh dunia. Bidang studi yang berkembang melihat pada akar dan pengaruh pada apa yang memotivasi kelompok-kelompok ini, daripada melihat hasil yang mengejutkan. Apa hubungan pribadi, sosial dan situasi sosial budaya yang menyebabkan orang merasa seperti orang luar? Keputusan politik dan pemerintah apa yang memicu keadaan ini? Dengar dari tiga ahli di bidangnya, Nasir Tamara, Carla Power, dan Kylie Moore-Gilbert, untuk mendapatkan wawasan yang lebih dalam tentang masalah yang kompleks ini.


Dr. Nasir Tamara

Dr. Nasir Tamara is a consultant on Indonesian politics and economic and human development. He is also a nonfiction writer and translator and has published many books, including US Influence …

Carla Power

Carla Power is the author of two Pulitzer Prize Finalists in General Nonfiction: Home, Land, Security, and If The Oceans Were Ink, which was also a finalist for the National …

Kylie Moore-Gilbert

Kylie Moore-Gilbert is a scholar of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies. Kylie speaks several Middle Eastern languages and has spent significant periods travelling and conducting academic research in the region. …

Drew Ambrose

Drew is an international correspondent, documentary producer and investigative journalist for Al Jazeera English’s programmes unit. He has been a digital lead for multiple online projects. His reporting has won …

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