Main Program | The Travel Writing Tribe

08 Oct 2021 16:45 - 17:30
/ IDR 299,000 (All Main Program Access)
Online via | Live in Indus Restaurant. Jl. Raya Sanggingan (Google Maps)

What is the future of travel writing in the 21st century? In his book, The Travel Writing Tribe, Tim Hannigan asked this question as he sets out on humorous mini-adventures to meet the world’s most acclaimed travel writers. In the era of social media and COVID-19, can travel writing survive? And is it simply a craft of white privileged men?

(This program is presented in English and pre-recorded)

Bagaimana masa depan penulisan perjalanan di abad ke-21? Dalam bukunya, The Travel Writing Tribe, Tim Hannigan mengajukan pertanyaan ini saat ia memulai petualangan mini yang humoris untuk bertemu dengan penulis perjalanan paling terkenal di dunia. Di era media sosial dan COVID-19, apakah travel writing bisa bertahan? Dan apakah itu hanya keahlian pria kulit putih yang memiliki hak istimewa?

(Program ini sudah direkam sebelumnya dan dalam Bahasa Inggris)


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