Main Program | The Language of Movement

05 Nov 2020 13:00 - 14:00
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Although Indonesia is renowned for its many types of traditional performing arts that continue to be performed today, the contemporary dance and theater scene is also thriving. Join these talented dancers and theater directors to explore Indonesia’s colorful and diverse performing arts scene.

Meskipun Indonesia terkenal dengan berbagai jenis seni pertunjukan tradisional yang terus ditampilkan hingga saat ini, seni tari dan teater kontemporer juga berkembang pesat. Bergabunglah dengan penari dan pemimpin teater berbakat ini untuk mengeksplor seni pertunjukan Indonesia yang penuh warna dan beragam.

This event will be pre-recorded. Click this link to submit your question for the panelists. Selected questions will be asked during the recording.

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Ni Wayan Idayati

Ni Wayan Idayati writes poetries, essays and articles. Her works have been published in multiple media and anthologies, including Sauk Seloko (2012), Kavaleri Malam Hari (2017), and Senyum Lembah Ijen …

Mas Ruscitadewi

Named Best Participant in the 2020 Virtual Actor Track by Indonesia’s Ministry of Education and Culture, Anak Agung Sagung Mas Ruscitadewi has been writing since elementary school. She enjoys writing …

Ni Ketut Putri Minangsari

Classical Balinese dancer, Ni Ketut Putri Minangsari (also known as Putri) performs and teaches dancing out of Bali. She is passionate about preserving the art of Legong, one of Bali’s …

Dewa Ayu Eka Putri

Dewa Ayu Eka Putri is an artist-anthropologist and is currently a dance instructor at the critically acclaimed arts organization, Sanggar Cudamani. She is a leading figure in women’s gamelan ensembles …

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