Main Program | Richard Fidler: The Golden Maze: A Biography of Prague

05 Nov 2020 17:00 - 18:00
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In The Golden Maze, Richard Fidler describes Prague as a city where history is ‘‘written in pencil, erased, rewritten and erased again … a fabulous palimpsest of stories.’’ Sit back and enjoy a virtual trip with this master storyteller, cycling through the city’s history from the dark ages to the early 21st century.

Dalam The Golden Maze, Richard Fidler mendefinisikan Praha sebagai kota tempat sejarah ”ditulis dengan pensil, dihapus, ditulis ulang, dan dihapus lagi … sebuah kumpulan cerita yang luar biasa.” Duduk dan nikmati perjalanan virtual bersama pendongeng ulung ini, bersepeda menelusuri sejarah kota dari zaman kegelapan hingga awal abad ke-21.


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Richard Fidler is a writer, radio host, and the author of the bestselling Ghost Empire, a history of the legendary city of Constantinople, and Saga Land, a journey into the …

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