Main Program | Made Janur Yasa: From Rubbish to Rice

29 Oct 2020 16:00 - 17:00
/ By donation

Somatic coach and martial arts instructor Made Janur Yasa has come up with a practical and effective way to encourage residents to manage their waste. How? By exchanging it for donated rice. This is exactly how waste management breakthroughs occur – at the village level. Hear from him about this exciting initiative which also helps fulfil the needs of Balinese during the pandemic.

Pelatih somatik dan instruktur bela diri, Made Janur Yasa, menemukan cara yang praktis dan efektif untuk mendorong warga mengelola sampahnya. Bagaimana? Dengan menukarnya dengan beras sumbangan. Seperti inilah terobosan pengelolaan sampah – di tingkat desa. Dengarkan Made Janur Yasa mengenai inisiatif menarik yang juga membantu kebutuhan masyarakat Bali selama pandemi.

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Vanesa Martida

Born in Denpasar, Vanesa Martida is a member of the creative writing community in Bali, Sahaja. Since 2011, she has been actively involved in various cultural arts program at Bentara …

Janur Yasa

As a world-traveler native to Bali, I Made Janur Yasa embodies Eastern philosophy blended with Western lifestyle. As a somatic coach, his long-studied practice of Aikido has remained the physical …

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