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Main Program | Jokowi and the New Indonesia

30 Oct 2022 14:00 - 15:00
/ 4-Day or 1-Day Main Program Pass
Indus Restaurant. Festival Hub (Google Maps)

In 2019, Joko Widodo – popularly known as Jokowi – was elected the seventh president of the Republic of Indonesia for a second five-year term. From modest beginnings in Central Java, his meteoric rise has come without the benefit of personal connections to the military or traditional elites who have dominated Indonesian politics for three-quarters of a century. This year, Indonesia’s G20 presidency will reaffirm Indonesia’s leadership in the world’s eyes and Jokowi has promised “inclusive, people-centred, environmentally friendly and sustainable growth” as Indonesia’s main commitment. Authors of Jokowi and The New Indonesia, Darmawan Prasodjo and Tim Hannigan discuss Jokowi with Ari Dwipayana and Michael Vatikiotis.

Pada tahun 2019, Joko Widodo – yang dikenal sebagai Jokowi – terpilih sebagai presiden ketujuh Republik Indonesia untuk masa jabatan lima tahun untuk periode kedua. Dari awal kesederhaaannya di Jawa Tengah, kebangkitannya yang meroket datang tanpa hubungan pribadi dengan militer atau elit tradisional yang telah mendominasi politik Indonesia selama tiga perempat abad. Tahun ini, kepresidenan G20 Indonesia akan menegaskan kembali kepemimpinan Indonesia di mata dunia dan Jokowi telah menjanjikan “pertumbuhan yang inklusif, berpusat pada rakyat, ramah lingkungan dan berkelanjutan” sebagai komitmen utama Indonesia. Penulis Jokowi and The New Indonesia, Darmawan Prasodjo dan Tim Hannigan akan membahas Jokowi dengan Ari Dwipayana dan Michael Vatikiotis.


Darmawan Prasodjo

Darmawan Prasodjo is a politician currently serving as the President and Director of the State Electricity Company since December 2021. He also served as Deputy I of the Presidential Staff …

Tim Hannigan

Tim Hannigan is a writer and academic, originally from the UK. He was formerly based in Indonesia and is the author of several narrative history books, including A Brief History …

Ari Dwipayana

Dr. A.A.G.N. Ari Dwipayana is a lecturer at the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Gadjah Mada University in Yogyakarta, a researcher at the Institute for Research Empowerment Yogyakarta, and …

Michael Vatikiotis

Michael Vatikiotis is a writer and private diplomat, who has lived in Asia for more than 30 years. Formerly a BBC Correspondent and editor of the Far Eastern Economic Review, …

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