Main Program | Exploring Queerness in Poetry

21 Oct 2023 11:30 - 12:30
/ 4-Day or 1-Day Main Program Pass
Indus Restaurant. Jl Raya Sanggingan Ubud (Google Maps)

This panel explores and celebrates queer differences with poets who speak from varied perspectives. When your sexuality and gender have been sidelined from mainstream history, writing can uncover and rebuild the past. Poetry is a form of creative representation of the self, so how have these esteemed poets expressed their queer identity? Chris Tse, Norman Erikson Pasaribu, Broede Carmody, and Virginia Helzainka speak to the rich diversity of queer poetics and the queer community with Adolfo Aranjuez.

Panel ini menjelajahi dan merayakan perbedaan queer dengan penyair yang bicara dari sudut pandang beragam. Ketika seksualitas dan gender Anda telah dikesampingkan dari sejarah arus utama, menulis dapat menguak dan membangun kembali masa lalu. Puisi adalah bentuk perwakilan diri kreatif, sehingga bagaimakah para penyair kenamaan ini mengungkapkan identitas queer mereka? Chris Tse, Norman Erikson Pasaribu, Broede Carmody, dan Virginia Helzainka berbicara tentang keanekaragaman yang kaya dari politik queer dan komunitas queer bersama Adolfo Aranjuez.


Chris Tse

Chris Tse is a New Zealand poet and writer from Lower Hutt. He pursued film and English literature studies at Victoria University of Wellington and later completed an MA in …

Adolfo Aranjuez

Adolfo Aranjuez is a multifaceted creative professional, excelling as an editor, writer, speaker, and dancer. His impressive portfolio includes roles as the publications and audience development manager for the Melbourne International Film …

Broede Carmody

Broede Carmody, a gifted poet from Dhudhuroa country in northeast Victoria, is making waves with his evocative work. His debut collection of poems, Flat Exit, published by Cordite Books in …

Virginia Helzainka

Virginia Helzainka is a Co-Founder of Unspoken – Bali Poetry Slam, an initiative that conducts workshops and poetry slams every 2-3 months throughout the year. This endeavor collaborates closely with …

Norman Erikson Pasaribu

Norman Erikson Pasaribu is a Toba Batak poet writing in Indonesian. Their poetry collection Sergius Mencari Bacchus won the first prize of Jakarta Arts Council’s Poetry Manuscript Competition in 2015. …