Main Program | Enchanted Words: A Poetry Journey to Remember

20 Oct 2023 14:15 - 15:15
/ 4-Day or 1-Day Main Program Pass
Alang-Alang @Taman Baca. Jl Raya Sanggingan Ubud (Google Maps)

Prepare to be captivated as we present an exceptional assembly of the Festival’s brightest minds, coming together to enchant and mesmerize you with the captivating magic of poetry. Please take a moment to relax and allow the words to embrace you as our skilled poets artfully weave narratives and emotions into exquisite stanzas. Featuring Eko Saputra Poceratu, Theoresia Rumthe, Miles Merril, Joanna Yang, Michael Pederson, and Hollie Mcnish.

Bersiaplah dibuat terpukau sambil kami memperkenalkan sebuah perkumpulan pemikir paling cemerlang dalam festival kami, bersatu padu untuk menghanyutkan Anda dalam keajaiban puisi yang memikat. Marilah luangkan waktu untuk duduk diam dan rehat sesaat, dan membiarkan kata-kata melingkupi Anda, di saat para penyair berbakat kami menjalin penuturan dan perasaan mereka dalam untaian stanza yang begitu indah. Menampilkan Eko Saputra Poceratu, Theoresia Rumthe, Miles Merril, Joanna Yang, Michael Pederson, dan Hollie Mcnish.


Hollie McNish

Hollie McNish is an award-winning poet, writer, and performer from Scotland. Her work has earned her recognition as a Sunday Times bestselling author with the book Slug (and other things …

Joanna Yang

Jo Yang is an Australian poet, who earned the prestigious title of the 2022 Australian Poetry Slam Champion. Originally from Wurundjeri country, she later moved to become a teacher on …

Michael Pedersen

Michael Pedersen, a prize-winning Scottish poet and author, is the Writer in Residence at The University of Edinburgh. He has acclaimed poetry collections with Polygon Books, and his third collection …

Eko Saputra Poceratu

Eko Saputra Poceratu is a distinguished Indonesian poet from Maluku known for his thought-provoking satire. He’s recognized as Penyair Api (Poet of Fire) and draws inspiration from the diverse realities …

Theoresia Rumthe

Theoresia Rumthe, an Indonesian poet, is also a public speaking instructor and organizer of the Spice Mountain music stage, Aroma Dendang Sahaja. Her impressive collection of poetry includes books like …

Miles Merrill

Miles Merrill is the founder of Australian Poetry Slam, an international performing writers’ program, which sees thousands of writers performing in events across the Asia-Pacific every year. Miles is also …