Main Program | Chasing Food Heroes

04 Nov 2020 16:00 - 17:00
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Delve into the delectable world of gastronomy with Parti Gastronomi, a group of foodies who explore food and its unique DNA through words, meals and activities. Arifin Windarman, Hardian Eko Nurseto and Reyza Ramadhan discuss how simple platforms can help people uncover Indonesia’s diverse cuisine and its glorious heritage.

Selidiki lebih dalam dunia gastronomi yang lezat bersama Parti Gastronomi, sekelompok pencinta kuliner yang mengeksplorasi makanan dan keunikan DNA dari makanan melalui kata-kata, hidangan, dan beragam kegiatan. Arifin Windarman, Hardian Eko Nurseto, dan Reyza Ramadhan membahas bagaimana platform sederhana dapat membantu orang menemukan beragam masakan Indonesia dan warisannya yang berharga.

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Hardian Eko Nurseto

A lecturer and researcher in Food and Culture Anthropology at Padjadjaran University, Hardian Eko Nurseto focuses on food as part of culture, investigating how food and eating behavior relate to …

Arifin Windarman

Arifin Windarman is involved in the Bandung creative scene, from his well-known clothing brand UNKL347 to his commentary on the Indonesian culinary scene. Digital media platform Parti Gastronomi is the …

Reyza Ramadhan

An enthusiastic agricultural geek, Reyza Ramadhan joined the Food and Agriculture Organization of The United Nations (FAO) as national personnel. His regular work is deeply concerned with eliminating hunger and …

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