Main Program | Bringing History to Today

16 Oct 2021 15:00 - 16:00
/ IDR 299,000 (All Main Program Access)
Online via townscript.com | Live in Indus Restaurant . Jl. Raya Sanggingan (Google Maps)

History often becomes the inspiration for multiple literary works. Interpretation of events, along with mixing facts and fiction to compose new stories, become a challenging playroom for writers. Listen to Vanni Puccioni’s incredible story of South Nias in the past. Joining him are Lala Bohan and Lara Nuberd, who will also share chronicles of colonial history in Indonesia. 

This session is presented in Bahasa Indonesia

Sejarah seringkali menjadi inspirasi bagi berbagai karya sastra. Penafsiran peristiwa, serta pencampuran fakta dan fiksi untuk menyusun cerita baru, menjadi ruang bermain yang menantang bagi penulis. Dengarkan kisah luar biasa Vanni Puccioni tentang Nias Selatan di masa lalu. Bergabung dengannya adalah Lala Bohan dan Lara Nuberd, yang juga akan berbagi kronik sejarah kolonial di Indonesia.

Sesi ini dipersembahkan dalam Bahasa Indonesia


Raisa Kamila

Born and raised in Banda Aceh, Indonesia, Raisa Kamila studied global and colonial history at the Leiden University in 2015. Together with the Perkawanan Perempuan Writing Collective, she published the …

Lala Bohang

Lala Bohang likes to explore personal stories that are often overlooked. Her ability to tell stories through text and images has led her to publish a bestselling trilogy, The Book …

Vanni Puccioni

Vanni Puccioni is a multi-disciplinary expert with over 30 years of experience in international cooperation in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, and the Balkans. After the 2004 tsunami in Aceh, he …

Lara Nuberg

Lara Nuberg is a freelance writer, researcher, editor, speaker, moderator, and audio installation artist. In 2017, she started her blog, Gewoon een Indisch Meisje, about the impact of Dutch colonialism, …

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