Main Program | Bali’s Green Movement

03 Nov 2020 13:00 - 14:00
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COVID-19 has forced many Balinese to return to their ancestral lands to farm or fish in order to survive. But well before the pandemic, many young people had found a renewed passion for agriculture, and for developing local solutions for environmental problems. Meet some of these inspiring young Balinese who are building a sustainable future for their island.

COVID-19 telah memaksa banyak orang Bali untuk kembali ke tanah leluhur mereka untuk bertani atau menangkap ikan agar dapat bertahan hidup. Namun, jauh sebelum pandemi, banyak anak muda telah menemukan semangat baru untuk pertanian, dan mengembangkan solusi lokal untuk mengatasi masalah lingkungan. Perkenalkan beberapa anak muda Bali yang menginspirasi ini yang sedang membangun masa depan yang berkelanjutan untuk pulau mereka.

This event is recorded at Museum Puri Lukisan.

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Oktaria Asmarani

Oktaria Asmarani is managing the environmental education programs at R.O.L.E Foundation, while occasionally writing and editing articles in Balebengong. She led the editorial team of the Balairung at UGM for …

Silvina Miguel

After more than two decades working for Argentinian media as a producer, writer and director, Silvina Miguel moved to Bali in 2015 and discovered permaculture. Since then she has been involved in …

Kadek Suardika

Kadek Suardika has been growing food for his family and community since 2004. He collaborated with various Indonesian NGOs before founding Emas Hitam Indonesia in 2015. His inspiring work at …

Ida Bagus Mandhara Brasika

Lecturer at the Department of Marine Sciences of Udayana University, Ida Bagus Mandhara Brasika’s works focus on issues of waste management, climate change and renewable energy. He is the Founder …

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