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Main Program | Combatting Racism through Creative Practice

29 Oct 2022 16:30 - 17:30
/ 4-Day or 1-Day Main Program Pass
Indus Restaurant. Festival Hub @Taman Baca (Google Maps)

As we strive to improve conversations about race, racism, and racial justice, the environment in which we’re speaking seems to be constantly shifting. Our writers and poets offer their different perspectives on race and how to find the words for richer conversations with moderator Miles Merrill.

Saat kami berusaha untuk meningkatkan perbincangan mengenai ras, rasisme, dan keadilan rasial, lingkungan tempat kami berbicara nampaknya terus berubah. Penulis dan penyair kami menawarkan perspektif berbeda tentang ras dan bagaimana menemukan kata-kata yang lebih luas dengan moderator Miles Merrill.


Huda Fadlelmawla

Huda Fadlelmawla is a spoken word poet, educator, mental health advocate, dancer, and workshop facilitator. She is the current Australia Poetry Slam Champion and two-time Queensland Poetry Festival Champion. Her …

Miles Merrill

Miles Merrill is the founder of Australian Poetry Slam, an international performing writers’ program, which sees thousands of writers performing in events across the Asia-Pacific every year. Miles is also …

Felix K. Nesi

Felix K. Nesi is from West Timor, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT). His book, Orang-Orang Oetimu, won the 2018 Jakarta Arts Council (DKJ) Novel Manuscript Contest, was a finalist for Kusala …

Sami Shah

Sami Shah is a writer, comedian, and broadcaster. He’s won multiple awards for his comedy and his books, and has been a presenter on ABC Radio Melbourne. Sami has written …

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