Main Program | Adam Leith Gollner: The Fruit Hunters: A Story of Nature, Obsession, Commerce, and Adventure

04 Nov 2020 14:00 - 15:00
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Intrepid journalist Adam Leith Gollner, author of The Fruit Hunters, takes us on a fascinating expedition into some of the earth’s most desired fruits, from the wild jungles of Borneo to the orchards of Florida. Hear his extraordinary tales about his horticultural obsession and the cast of characters he has met on his fruit hunting journey.

Jurnalis pemberani Adam Leith Gollner, penulis The Fruit Hunters, membawa kita dalam ekspedisi menarik untuk mengenal beberapa buah yang paling diinginkan di dunia, dari hutan liar Kalimantan hingga kebun buah Florida. Dengarkan kisahnya yang luar biasa tentang obsesi hortikultura dan deretan sosok penting yang telah ia temui dalam perjalanan berburu buahnya.


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Celina Agaton

Founder of Map the Philippines, Celina Agaton helps revitalize local economies around the world through heritage preservation, food security, sustainable tourism, community-driven innovations and geospatial technologies. She grew up in …

Adam Leith Gollner

Canadian writer Adam Leith Gollner is the author of The Fruit Hunters, which then inspired the 2012 feature documentary film of the same name, and The Book of Immortality. He …

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