Live Music & Art | Performance and Poetry

10 Oct 2021 16:00 - 16:45
The Rechabite, Perth.

Performance artist Cok Sawitri, poet Hassan Al Nawwab, and Butchulla Songman Fred Leone bring power and heart to the final session of the inaugural UWRF Perth Festival with readings, music, and performance. They will be joined by the remarkable Sukhjit Kaur Khalsa, as the MC of the night. Don’t miss this night full of profound performances.

Supported by WritingWA

Seniman pertunjukan Cok Sawitri, penyair Hassan Al Nawwab, dan Butchulla Songman Fred Leone membawa kekuatan dan semangat ke sesi terakhir Festival Perth UWRF dengan pembacaan, musik, dan pertunjukan. Mereka akan ditemani oleh Sukhjit Kaur Khalsa yang luar biasa, sebagai MC malam itu. Jangan lewatkan malam yang penuh dengan pertunjukan mendalam ini.

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Hassan Al-Nawwab

Born in Iraq, Hassan Al-Nawwab moved to Australia in 2003. He is a poet and journalist, who has published three poetry collections and two plays in Arabic. He has received …

Fred Leone

As a Butchulla Songman, Fred Leone is one of Australia’s champions of Indigenous rights. He is the Founder of Queensland’s only Indigenous owned and operated record label Impossible Odds Records. …

Cok Sawitri

Balinese author and performance artist, Cok Sawitri has written multiple books of poetry and collections of short stories, including various art and cultural articles. She founded the Tulus Ngayah Group …

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