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Film Program | The Last Forest

29 Oct 2022 19:30 - 20:30
Indus Restaurant. Festival Hub (Google Maps)

Known as the giver of life, many believe Jembrana to be the last forest in Bali and the source of water for the surrounding villagers. Unfortunately, it is now slowly being encroached on by local farmers. Selected by the 11th Cambodia International Film Festival, The Last Forest (2022) by Wayan Martino is also a part of their Beautiful Planet: Indigenous Voices category.

Supported by Niskala Studio

Dikenal sebagai pemberi kehidupan, banyak yang percaya Jembrana sebagai hutan terakhir di Bali dan sumber air bagi penduduk desa sekitarnya. Sayangnya, kini perlahan mulai dirambah oleh petani lokal. Dipilih oleh Festival Film Internasional Kamboja ke-11, The Last Forest (2022) oleh Wayan Martino juga merupakan bagian dari kategori Beautiful Planet: Indigenous Voices.

Didukung oleh Niskala Studio


Prema Ananda

Prema Ananda was born in Badung, Bali, where he still lives and works today. He works as a freelance filmmaker and photographer, and has been involved in audio-visual works since …

Luthfi Muhammad

Luthfi Muhammad was born in Bandung. He started his professional film career in 2017 by becoming a film editor of both short and feature-length films. He has since been involved …

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