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Film Program | Indonesia Raja Bali

28 Oct 2022 19:30 - 21:00
NonFrasa Gallery. Jl. Raya Sanggingan, Ubud (Google Maps)

Experience young Balinese talent with incredible short films curated by Indonesia Raja. The collaborative program, initiated by Minikino, presents short films from several regions in Indonesia. The seven amazing short films this year are Rasionalitas Mistis (2022), Puisi Luka (2022), Obsesi (2022), On That Day I Met Marry (2022), Astungkara (2021), Belajar di Kampung (2021), and Kala Rau When the Sun Got Eaten (2022).

Supported by Minikino

Rasakan talenta muda Bali dengan film pendek unik yang dikuratori oleh Indonesia Raja. Program kolaboratif yang digagas Minikino yang menghadirkan film-film pendek dari berbagai daerah di Indonesia ini telah menyeleksi tujuh film pendek luar biasa tahun ini: Rasionalitas Mistis (2022), Puisi Luka (2022), Obsesi (2022), On That Day I Met Marry (2022), Astungkara (2021), Belajar di Kampung (2021), dan Kala Rau When The Sun Got Eaten (2022).

Didukung oleh Minikino


Kardian Narayana

Kardian Narayana has been a regional journalist for Kompas TV since December 2015. Apart from his journalism activities, he has an interest in the arts, both traditional and modern. He …

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