Festival Club | International Publishers Congress 2022

29 Oct 2022 18:45 - 19:30
/ Free
Rumah Buku. Taman Baca @Festival Hub (Google Maps)

The world’s largest federation of national, regional, and specialist publishers’ associations, The International Publishers Association (IPA), will have the 33rd International Publishers Congress in Jakarta on 10-12 November 2022. Join this session to learn more about the highly anticipated conference and its benefits for the Indonesian publishing industry.

Featuring: The International Publishers Association

Federasi asosiasi penerbit nasional, regional, dan spesialis terbesar di dunia, The International Publishers Association (IPA), akan mengadakan Kongres Penerbit Internasional ke-33 di Jakarta pada 10-12 November 2022. Bergabunglah dengan sesi ini untuk mempelajari lebih lanjut tentang konferensi yang sangat dinanti dan manfaatnya bagi industri penerbitan Indonesia.

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Ditta Sekar Campaka

Ditta Sekar Campaka started her career in the publishing world in 2009, as a promotional staff at Bentang Pustaka. In 2016-2019 she was actively involved in the National Book Committee …

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