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Festival Club | Bali: is Beauty a Curse?

30 Oct 2022 17:30 - 18:15
/ Free
Rumah Buku. Taman Baca @Festival Hub (Google Maps)

Bali brings together various groups of people and ethnicities, who all have a bond of love for this island. With so many changes happening, how is cultural preservation grown without biases, and can we strengthen cultural roots for all who live in this heavenly land? Eddie Speirs, the editor of NOW! Bali Magazine, and Cokorda Gde Bayu Putra, a cultural activist at the Janahita Mandala Ubud Foundation, will discuss their respective perspectives.

Bali menyatukan beragam kelompok orang dan etnis yang berbagi ikatan cinta untuk pulau ini. Dengan begitu banyak perubahan yang terjadi, bagaimana pelestarian budaya tumbuh tanpa bias dan dapatkah kita memperkuat akar budaya untuk siapa saja yang tinggal di pulau surga ini? Eddie Speirs, editor Now! Bali Magazine, dan Cokorda Gde Bayu Putra, seorang aktivis budaya di Yayasan Janahita Mandala Ubud, akan membahas perspektif mereka tentang hal tersebut.


Iin Valentine

Iin Valentine, is one of BaleBengong’s writers, a citizen journalism media based in Bali. In addition to being the coordinator of community partnership, Iin also manages the BaleLaku business unit, …

Cokorda Gde Bayu Putra

Being part of the Ubud community, Cokorda Gde Bayu Putra is active in various cultural activities, including being the General Secretary of the Janahita Mandala Ubud Foundation, General Treasurer of …

Edward Speirs

Edward Speirs is the Managing Editor of NOW! Bali, a culture and travel-based media on the island. Fluent in Indonesian and English, his writing shares local stories, art, and culture, …

Carma Citrawati

Carma Citrawati is a Balinese writer who has published several books such as Smarareka (2014), Aud Kelor (2019) and received the Anugrah Sastera Rancage 2017 for her book Kutang Sayang Gemel Madui (2016). She was awarded …

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