30 Oct 2022 18:30 - 19:15
/ Free
Rumah Buku. Taman Baca @Festival Club (Google Maps)

Jean Couteau invites you to a discussion with the author of Bali, 50 Years of Changes: A Conversation with Jean Couteau, Eric Buvelot, about how otherness and nationalism have evolved in Indonesia. Join the conversation on the significance of these notions in the Balinese psyche. Who represents the “other” in Bali? What impact do these changes have on Balinese culture? Find out the answer in this session.

This session will be in French

Supported by Institut Français d’Indonésie

Jean Couteau mengundang Anda untuk berdiskusi dengan penulis Bali, 50 Years of Changes: A Conversation with Jean Couteau, karya Eric Buvelot, untuk mempelajari bagaimana keberbedaan dan nasionalisme telah berkembang di Indonesia. Gabung dengan percakapan tentang pentingnya gagasan ini di hati orang-orang Bali. Siapa yang mewakili “hal lain”di Bali? Apa dampak perubahan ini terhadap budaya Bali? Temukan jawabannya di sesi ini.

Sesi ini akan menggunakan Bahasa Prancis

Didukung oleh Institut Français d’Indonésie


Jean Couteau

Jean Couteau publishes extensively on a variety of genres and topics in French, English, and Indonesian. He writes art books, books, and columns on Balinese culture and is best known …

Eric Buvelot

Eric Buvelot has lived in Bali since 1995 as a Senior Reporter. His career began in France at the Libération, where he learned the ropes of journalism and lived for …

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