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Children Program | Create Your Own Character

29 Oct 2022 12:30 - 14:30
Valley View stage. Taman Baca @Festival Hub (Google Maps)

Do you have a favorite character? Or one that has inspired you? If you could make and illustrate a character, what would you create? Join Piotr Karski, a celebrated Polish illustrator and cardboard book creator, in this colorful workshop and create your own character. Discover the secrets of illustration and the joy of creating bright and colorful characters.

Apakah kamu memiliki karakter favorit yang menginspirasimu? Jika kamu bisa membuat dan mengilustrasikan sebuah karakter, apa yang akan kamu buat? Bergabunglah dengan Piotr Karski, ilustrator Polandia dan pembuat buku cardboard terkenal, dalam lokakarya penuh warna ini dan ciptakan karaktermu sendiri. Temukan rahasia membuat ilustrasi dan kegembiraan menciptakan karakter yang cerah dan penuh warna.

This session will be in English

Suitable for ages 8-12


Piotr Karski

Piotr Karski is a Children’s book author and graphic designer. He is the author of activity books full of knowledge and inspiration such as, To the Mountains! and Under the …

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