Book Launch | Destination: Jakarta 2040

17 Oct 2021 15:00 - 16:00
Live on UWRF's Facebook & Instagram.

The concept of time is fundamental to how the universe works. We have been able to understand how it affects everything through physics. In his debut fiction novel, Destination: Jakarta 2040, Muhammad Mashuri imagines what happens if someone can manipulate time. Join him as he shares his inspiration, and writing, and storytelling process. 

(This program is presented in Bahasa Indonesia)

Konsep waktu adalah dasar bagaimana alam semesta bekerja. Kita telah dapat memahami bagaimana hal tersebut memengaruhi segalanya secara langsung. Dalam debut novel fiksinya, Destination: Jakarta 2040, Muhammad Mashuri membayangkan apa yang tejadi jika seseorang dapat memanipulasi waktu. Bergabunglah dengannya saat ia berbagi inspirasi, serta proses menulis dan mendongeng.

(Program ini dipersembahkan dalam Bahasa Indonesia)



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