Book Launch | Broken to Unbreakable: 12 Steps to an Unbreakable Mind, Body & Spirit

31 Oct 2020 17:00 - 18:00
/ / Free Event

This is a self-help health and wellbeing book aimed at self-reflection, learning and growth. It takes readers on a transformational journey that informs, inspires, and connects them to themselves and the world around them. It was designed to inspire you to take action by laying a new foundation that will keep you healthy inside and out for years to come.

Buku ini merupakan buku kesehatan dan kesejahteraan yang bertujuan sebagai refleksi diri, pembelajaran dan pertumbuhan. Buku ini membawa pembaca pada perjalanan transformasional yang menginformasikan, menginspirasi, dan menghubungkan mereka dengan diri mereka sendiri dan dunia di sekitar mereka. Buku ini dirancang untuk menginspirasi Anda agar mengambil tindakan dengan membangun fondasi baru yang akan membuat Anda tetap sehat luar dalam selama bertahun-tahun mendatang.


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Krissy Regan

Author, poet, and motivational speaker, Krissy Regan creates stories and poems that inspire and connect people to the world around them. Her newest book, Broken to Unbreakable: 12 Steps to …

Detha Damayanti

Detha Damayanti is a working mom with two teenagers, an avid reader, and a culinary enthusiast. She owns a few businesses, such as clothing and cleaning service. Founder of KurMAA …

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