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Program Category: Yayasan Patron Program

In order to sustain our community-building philosophy, we are seeking your help to ensure the survival of both Festivals and the Foundation. By supporting the Yayasan Patron Program and making a valuable contribution, you will be directly involved in delivering both Festivals in due time. Your contribution will go a long way to guaranteeing the future of Indonesia’s most meaningful cross-cultural platform of words, ideas and culture through its diverse programs.

The Festivals always give back to the community and assist in promoting Indonesia to the world. From the Children & Youth program for local schools’ students, bringing the Festival to remote areas across the Archipelago with Satellite Events, and supporting the future of Indonesia’s literature with Emerging Writers program, to delivering live music, film screening and art performance accessible for everyone, serving food stalls of local businesses, and championing Indonesia’s best writers, artists, performers, chefs and culinary experts in a global stage.

In 16 years, UWRF has even become the world’s most important cross-cultural, bridge-building initiative between Indonesian and non-Indonesian cultures, while UFF has become the Nation’s leading culinary Festival. Now, more than ever, we need your support. We have created ways for you to be a part of the Yayasan Patron Program, tailored to your preference. This way, you can help the Foundation and these important events survive!