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Program Category: Workshops

Sharpen your literary abilities and refine your foodie finesse with our Workshops, conducted by some of the Festival’s most dynamic speakers live from their home and workspace.

The workshop will be held online via Zoom. A Zoom link will be sent if you have purchased/registered at the desired workshop. Some workshops will also be held in Ubud in person and in this case, the workshops will not be available online. The workshop can be accessed by showing the ticket at the event entrance.


Workshop | The Art of Lontar and Prasi

10 Oct 2021 10:00

The O.Prasi is a community of young Balinese artists that has been intensely studying prasi. Whereas Wikimedia Denpasar is a community that supports efforts to liberate knowledge of Balinese literature, language, …

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Workshop | Behind the Lens

13 Oct 2021 16:00

A photograph stores a myriad of stories about its creation process. Taking a picture is not only about the technical aspects, but it is also essential to learn about how …

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Workshop | Poetry x Screen Print

15 Oct 2021 09:00

This Poetry x Screen Print Workshop combines the art of wordsmith and picture-making. We will create screenprints featuring a collage of an artwork and a poem, referring back to the …

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Workshop | The Basics of Bamboo

16 Oct 2021 09:00 /

Learn the basics of bamboo construction in this special four-hour workshop with Bamboo U, experts in teaching bamboo design and construction, at UWRF21. In the first hour, you’ll learn how …

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Workshop | Digital Spaces

16 Oct 2021 15:00

In today’s digital ecosystem, anyone can share their opinions and news with the public, by using social media, blogs, and even with citizen journalism platforms. Unfortunately, these fast-paced demands do …

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Workshop | Calligraphy and Cyanotype

17 Oct 2021 09:00

Experience combining the classic copperplate calligraphy with the atmospheric cyanotype technique. In this multidisciplinary session, you will be introduced to the beauty of ornamental lettering and the expressive, deep-blue photographic …

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Workshop | Ekphrastic Poetry

17 Oct 2021 09:00

Experience art at a new level, and use it to inspire your writing. Go through the artworks at the Sika Gallery, and learn how to respond to them poetically. Leading …

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