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Program Category: Meet Speakers Live

Get the chance to meet the speakers in person in Ubud. This is a program option that brings speakers live in Ubud and can interact directly with them.

Film Screening | The Science of Fictions

14 Oct 2021 19:00 /

Follow the story of Siman, a mute obsessed with space travel, who builds a rocket from scraps in his backyard hoping to fly to the moon and escape his traumatic …

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Main Program | Bamboo Visionaries

Elora Hardy is the creative genius behind IBUKU, an architectural company that constructs breath-taking bamboo structures. Arief Rabik is the force behind Indonesia’s Environmental Bamboo Foundation and the founder of …

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Main Program | Mulat Sarira: Self Reflection

Mulat Sarira is a Balinese philosophy that invites us to reflect on various aspects of ourselves and broader humanity, such as our relationship with the environment, society and the spiritual. …

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Book Launch | KINK

15 Oct 2021 17:30 /

Join us for the launch of Ray Shabir’s KINK. This poetry collection presents an almost religious celebration of pain through the many lenses of pleasure. These intimate poems retrace his own …

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Film Screening | LOKAWANA: the Forest and the Hustle of Man

15 Oct 2021 19:00 /

Follow the story of a forest in Jembrana, West Bali – the source of freshwater for the Yeh Embang village by joining us for the exclusive premiere of LOKAWANA: The forest …

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Workshop | The Basics of Bamboo

16 Oct 2021 09:00 /

Learn the basics of bamboo construction in this special four-hour workshop with Bamboo U, experts in teaching bamboo design and construction, at UWRF21. In the first hour, you’ll learn how …

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Main Program | It’s Alright to Not Be Alright

Mental health issues do not get the same attention and understanding as other health issues. They are often considered as individual problems, and not a cultural and social effect. Those …

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Main Program | Back to Ubud

Since the pre-colonial era, Ubud has been an oasis of rich artistic expression and creativity. The Covid-19 pandemic continues to bring changes to various aspects of local life. At a …

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Book Launch | Bali Coffee: Origin’s New Wave

16 Oct 2021 17:00 /

Origin is a place where coffee is grown. Bali Coffee: Origin’s New Wave is a story about Bali, coffee, and the spaces between. The book explores local farming and experimental processing methods …

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Book Launch | UWRF21 Anthology Book: Mulat Sarira

16 Oct 2021 18:00 /

Each year, UWRF calls out to budding writers across the archipelago: send us your stories! The most outstanding emerging Indonesian voices, selected from hundreds of submissions, are published in the …

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