Program Category: Main Program

From intimate in-conversations between leading authors, artists, activists, chefs, farmers and performers, to fiery debates on some of the region’s most pressing issues, KEMBALI20 Main Program takes place from 29 October–08 November. Spanning 60+ digital sessions over 11 days, the sessions are available to view on ubudwritersfestival.com by creating a user account.

We invite you to donate what you can to get an ALL ACCESS to KEMBALI20 digital programs. You may choose from IDR150,000, IDR200,000, IDR500,000, IDR1,000,000 or more. By donating, you can get all access to KEMBALI20 60+ digital Main Program and re-watch them for the next month after the Festival. Please understand that we don’t want money to be a barrier to accessing our programs, but the future of Yayasan Mudra Swari Saraswati relies on your support and generosity.

Main Program | Eka Kurniawan’s Indonesia

01 Nov 2020 14:20 / /

Eka Kurniawan is Indonesia’s most internationally renowned author since Pramoedya Ananta Toer. His Booker Prize-nominated 2016 novel Beauty is a Wound has been translated into 34 languages, while two of …

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Main Program | Writing in Times of Crisis

01 Nov 2020 15:40 / /

The works of three compelling Western Australian writers, Elizabeth Tan, Yuot Alaak, and Sophie McNeill, span memoir, fiction, and journalism. Join them in conversation with Writing WA’s Gillian O’Shaughnessy to …

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Main Program | Andrea Cote Botero: Latin American Literature Today

01 Nov 2020 17:00 /

Latin American author Andrea Cote Botero has published several poetry collections and a biography. She has received the National Poetry Prize from Externado University, Puentes de Struga International Poetry Prize, …

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Main Program | Andra Matin: Indonesian Architecture Today

02 Nov 2020 13:00 /

Indonesian architect Andra Matin is known for his clean and modern approach to architecture. His firm, andramatin, reflects a contemporary take on traditional values. One of the founders of Young …

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Main Program | Ahmad Fuadi: A Tale From An Islamic Boarding School In Indonesia

02 Nov 2020 14:00 /

Ahmad Fuadi’s formative years at an Islamic boarding school inspired his award-winning novel, Negeri 5 Menara (The Land of Five Towers). Join him in conversation with one of Indonesia’s leading …

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Main Program | Bandana Tewari: The Future of Fashion

02 Nov 2020 15:00 /

Inspired by the teachings of Gandhi, fashion activist Bandana Tewari promotes mindful, sustainable fashion and is an advocate for the preservation of traditional textiles. She’ll discuss her life in the …

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Main Program | Joe Sacco: Comics Journalist

02 Nov 2020 17:00 /

Maltese-American cartoonist and journalist Joe Sacco is best known for his comics journalism, in particular his books on Israeli-Palestinian relations, Footnotes in Gaza (2009) and Palestine (1996). He also covered …

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Main Program | Dicky Senda: Empowering Communities Through Food

02 Nov 2020 18:00 /

Born in North Mollo, East Nusa Tenggara, Dicky Senda is a novelist and food activist. In 2016, he founded Lakoat Kujawas, an integrated art, library, co-working space and homestay in …

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Main Program | Bali’s Green Movement

03 Nov 2020 13:00 /

COVID-19 has forced many Balinese to return to their ancestral lands to farm or fish in order to survive. But well before the pandemic, many young people had found a …

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Main Program | Deborah Cassrels: Gods and Demons

03 Nov 2020 14:00 /

Deborah Cassrels is The Australian newspaper’s first Bali-based correspondent. She covered events throughout Indonesia for a decade from 2009, from refugees, politics, the Bali Nine drug gang and the executions …

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Main Program | Poets in Paradise

03 Nov 2020 15:00 /

Meet the men who made Bali romantic. Wayan Jengki Sunarta weaves poetic works of art; Tan Lioe Ie is the first poet in Indonesia to use symbolic Chinese images in …

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Main Program | The Truth About Bananas

03 Nov 2020 16:00 /

Meet ‘The Banana Lady’, Dr Fenny Dwivany, whose research on post-harvest technology has received numerous international awards. Listed as one of Indonesia’s Most Inspiring Women, her observation that the quality …

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Main Program | Intan Paramaditha: The Wandering

03 Nov 2020 18:00 /

The Guardian called Intan Paramaditha’s debut novel The Wandering an “ingenious choose-your-own-adventure challenge, [which is] at least five books in one.” Originally published in Indonesian as Gentayangan and translated into …

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Main Program | Bali’s Citizen Journalism

04 Nov 2020 13:00 /

Citizen journalism in Bali has never been stronger. The community-based journalism portals Bale Bengong and Tatkala provide a platform for local writers to discuss a vast range of topics, including …

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Main Program | Adam Leith Gollner: The Fruit Hunters: A Story of Nature, Obsession, Commerce, and Adventure

04 Nov 2020 14:00 /

Intrepid journalist Adam Leith Gollner, author of The Fruit Hunters, takes us on a fascinating expedition into some of the earth’s most desired fruits, from the wild jungles of Borneo …

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Main Program | Bali’s New Era

04 Nov 2020 15:00 /

Bali’s Governor, I Wayan Koster, has committed to shifting the island’s tourism paradigm and focusing more on agriculture and manufacturing. This is welcome news for many Balinese in these industries, …

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Main Program | Chasing Food Heroes

04 Nov 2020 16:00 /

Delve into the delectable world of gastronomy with Parti Gastronomi, a group of foodies who explore food and its unique DNA through words, meals and activities. Arifin Windarman, Hardian Eko …

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Main Program | Jose Ramos Horta: Peace and Governance in Timor Leste

04 Nov 2020 17:00 /

Nobel Peace Prize laureate and former president of East Timor, Jose Ramos Horta, is a human rights activist who works to support democratic leadership and conflict resolution through rule of …

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Main Program | Will Harris: Rendang

04 Nov 2020 18:00 /

Will Harris is a writer of Chinese Indonesian and British heritage, born and based in London. His first full poetry collection, RENDANG, engages with the pain and promise of self-perception. …

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Main Program | The Language of Movement

05 Nov 2020 13:00 /

Although Indonesia is renowned for its many types of traditional performing arts that continue to be performed today, the contemporary dance and theatre scene is also thriving. Join these talented …

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